Inadequate Security at Warehouse Leads to Massive Theft

    Security Expert WitnessThis case takes place in Pennsylvania and involves a shipping company that had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods stolen from a warehouse that the company was leasing to store priceless memorabilia and other pieces of antique artwork before auction. The plaintiff stored their goods in several warehouses- one of which the defendant owned and stored items in. The defendant worked with several other companies to provide warehousing services, and as a consequence allowed 24-hour access to its facilities to approximately 30-40 people, all of whom possessed keys to the warehouse facility. Over a period of several months, a group of these individuals conspired to steal the plaintiff’s goods from the warehouse at regular intervals, at which point they would sell the items online. Eventually, their actions were uncovered by an investigative spyware operation. As a result of this theft, the plaintiff company sustained thousands of dollars of losses, and experienced delays in fulfilling customer orders. It is alleged that the warehouse was not properly secured and did not have the security personnel or staff to provide proper safe keeping of plaintiffs goods.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please explain your experience managing warehouse security.
    • 2. What protocols need to be followed to prevent stolen goods?
    • 3. What kind of screening needs to be conducted on anyone with access to warehouse?

    Expert Witness Response E-008337

    The first 20+ years of my career were spent in loss prevention and security. In these roles I have managed, hired and directed staff in warehouses throughout the country. During these 20+ years, I have also been involved with the security and loss prevention of various warehouses, shipping facilities and docking stations. This includes the physical security of these locations as well as staffing and investigations. I have successfully directed and participated in an investigation of a warehouses and docking stations, which resulted in over 1 million dollars in theft. I have placed undercover operatives in warehouses in various states. I have overhauled physical security and camera systems in various locations throughout the years. I have identified a temp agency hiring illegal aliens whom were using stolen and fraudulent identification to be able to work under these aliases in a warehouse. I have continued to consult, staff and investigate various thefts for retailers, warehouses and trucking companies with their security and loss prevention needs. The screening process of folks with access to the warehouse can be based on different levels of access and will vary by employee, vendor and contract drivers. This can be further broken down to secure areas and who has access, for example locked cages, etc. for higher value merchandise, cash room, etc. Screening includes but is not limited to; background checks, verifying government photo IDs, interview process, driving records and possibly credit checks as well, varying by state laws. It seems clear that the screening procedures in place at this facility were entirely substandard (and possibly non-existent.)

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