General Surgery Expert Evaluates Complications from Hernia Mesh Repair

    General Surgery Expert WitnessThis case involves a middle-aged female in Virginia who underwent a surgical procedure to repair a recurrent hernia with a Composix synthetic mesh patch. The surgery proceeded without incident, however several weeks later the patient presented to the ER with severe cramping and vomiting. A few weeks after this incident, the patient presented to the hospital with her hernia now increased in size. The hernia was again repaired using a synthetic hernia mesh product. The patient’s condition continued to deteriorate over the coming weeks, and she eventually began to show signs of early-stage sepsis. After undergoing exploratory surgery, the patient was diagnosed with a small bowel obstruction that required additional surgery to remediate. As a result, the patient was left with permanent injuries.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Do you routinely treat patients similar to the one described in the case?
    • 2. Have you ever had a patient develop the outcome described in the case?

    Expert Witness Response E-008557

    I routinely take care of complicated ventral hernia patients such as the one described in this case, however I have not has a patient develop the complications that this patient did. In order to say definitively whether the patient might have had a better outcome had the care rendered been different I would need to review the medical records, but I do have a lot questions about techniques and types of mesh used by the treating surgeon. There are a number of possible complications that can arise from any hernia mesh repair. I have served as expert witness in paraesophageal hernia, bariatric, and general surgery (gallbladder) cases. I feel that as assistant professor of surgery from a tertiary referral center I have the opportunity to see lots of complicated hernia cases, and I have up to date on the standards of care for ventral hernia.

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