Faulty Repair Work On Vehicle Leads To Woman’s Death

Automotive Maintenance Expert WitnessIn this automotive mechanics case, the plaintiff from Kansas was driving her vehicle when it became disabled, forcing her to pull over to the side of the road. A few weeks prior, the vehicle had been serviced because of an issue with the vehicle’s timing belt, and it is alleged that the timing belt malfunctioned again, causing the car to become disabled. The plaintiff was driving at approximately 40 mph when the car began to slow and a piece of the vehicle body fell off, at which point the check engine light came on. The plaintiff got out of her car to retrieve the piece, at which point she was struck by a drunk driver. The attorney handling this case is in need of an expert to retrieve the EDR data from the other vehicle, examine the plaintiff’s car, and determine if any faulty repair work was originally done on the vehicle.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Can you complete this task using non-destructive means so that the car is preserved?

Expert Witness Response E-007830

I can certainly examine the car and look at the service documents and opine on the quality of service that was rendered. The EDR data in the other car is not downloadable and only a dealership would be able to access that data. I am a Certified Master Automotive Service Technician and have directly participated in over 5,000 cases requiring vehicle incident analysis for collision reconstruction, products liability, and mechanical systems operation.

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