Exploding Tire Causes Serious Injuries

ByJoseph O'Neill


Updated on September 7, 2016

Exploding Tire Causes Serious Injuries

This case involves an individual who was severely injured by a truck tire that exploded while it was being inflated. The tire, manufactured by a well-known company, was purchased at a major retailer. The instructions were carefully followed for re-inflation of the tire on the truck in question. While the Plaintiff was re-inflating the tire it suddenly exploded, throwing the Plaintiff across the room into a large tool cabinet. In addition to the force of the blast, the violent explosion caused sections of the rim to fragment into small pieces, sending shrapnel throughout the garage. As a result of his injuries, the Plaintiff has undergone numerous surgeries. It was alleged that the tire and/or rim was manufactured defectively.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

1. Have you previously designed or manufactured wheels and tires?

2. Are you familiar with the necessary standards to ensure safety of tires and rims?

Expert Witness Response E-017105

inline imageI have been in the heavy equipment industry for more than 40 years. I have designed numerous products for several automotive and outdoor power equipment companies, as well as some for my own companies. Every product I've designed, mostly light vehicles and trucks, have had wheels and tires that I have designed and, at times, manufactured. I am very familiar with tire and rim specifications for trucks having designed them in the past. Failures like this do occur when the tires are installed according to the manufacturer's guidelines, usually due to a point of weakness in the tire or rim. At such high pressures, even a small weakness can produce a catastrophic failure, and explosions of highly pressurized truck tires can be particularly violent.

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