Engineering Expert Witness Evaluates Damage to Family Home

    Engineering Expert WitnessThis case takes place in California and involves an engineering expert witness who was retained to examine damage caused to a family’s home due to local mining activities. The plaintiff owned a home that was several hundred yards from a large mine.  A blast was conducted at the mine that allegedly caused significant damage to the plaintiffs’ home. One of the plaintiffs was home when the blast was conducted, and she stated that the blast violently shook the home. The plaintiffs reported that immediately after the blasting event, they observed a very large crack in the concrete wall on the exterior of their home that had not been their prior to the blast.  They observed several other damages to the home that had not been there prior to the blast, including extensive damage to their garage, and several shattered windows.  It is alleged that earth movement and air pressure were the causes of these damages.  It is also claimed that the blasting was more than likely the cause of these damages.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Do you have extensive knowledge in structural damage that a blasting event can occur?
    • 2. What kind of structural damage can be caused by living in proximity of a mine?
    • 3. Please explain your experience working on similar cases?

    Expert Witness Response E-010406

    My focus is on developing tools from structural vibrations, nonlinear dynamics, and time series modeling fields for structural health monitoring and damage prognosis strategies. This case is directly within my specialty.

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