Electronics Experts Evaluate Hybrid Vehicle Patent Dispute


Hybrid Vehicle Expert WitnessThis automotive electronics case involves a patent dispute in Michigan regarding certain electrical control systems used by a major manufacturer of hybrid vehicles. The technology in question assists in the efficient allocation of electrical energy to the vehicle’s drivetrain, and prevents excess energy from being used under sub-optimal conditions. According to the plaintiff, the defendant firm employed an identical system in its line of hybrid electric cars, which were released 2 years after the plaintiff’s.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Are you familiar with control systems for hybrid electric vehicles?
  • 2. What is your engineering experience as it relates to power electronics?
  • 3. Please explain why you are qualified to review this case.

Expert Witness Response E-024232

I am quite familiar with HEV controls. My research interests include: simulation of electric-drive vehicle powertrain and thermal management and CFD simulation of electric-drive vehicle battery pack thermal management. I have published and lectured on the HEV controls, and I have recently published SAE papers on the subject. I have knowledge of electric motor inverter/controllers and DC/DC converters, in their application within an HEV powertrain, with the electric powertrain energized by a ~340V Li-ion battery pack. I have more experience with the e-motor inverter, in the areas of testing (laboratory motor dyno), calibration, and fault diagnostics and mitigation.

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