Electrician Suffers Serious Burns in Arc Flash Explosion

    Electrician Expert WitnessThis case involves an electrician who was severely injured following an arc flash explosion. He was installing a disconnect switch on an energized, 480v bus duct in a large computer data center when the arc flash occurred. He was not given any personal protective equipment by his employer, such as an arc flash suit, which would likely have improved his odds of escaping the accident with minimal injuries. It was alleged that his employer violated both state and federal safety codes by failing to provide him with adequate protective equipment.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please briefly describe your experience with arc flash protection, specifically oversight of equipment and safety.
    • 2. Do you have specific hands on experience installing and/or servicing bus ducts and disconnect switches in commercial buildings?

    Expert Witness Response E-001181

    I have experience with arc flash matters including responsibility for implementing policy and procedures, investigating arc flash mishaps, calculating arc flash protection levels in electrical systems and have worked as an expert in arc flash litigation matters. In addition, I’m a principal member on the NFPA 70E committee, which is the OSHA-recognized standard for implementing arc flash safety measures. I do feel comfortable speaking in detail to NFPA 70e and the state-specific industrial code specifically as it relates to arc flash protection. I have been involved with inspections, including acceptance testing of bus ducts and disconnect switches in commercial buildings and I have been involved with mishap investigations and litigation where arc flash and PPE were at issue.

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