Doctor Comments on Residential Mold Exposure

Mold Expert WitnessA number of tenants in an apartment unit in Washington decided to file a class action suit over exposure to mold. Shortly after moving into the unit, they began experiencing unexplained medical issues including pulmonary, thyroid, digestive and endocrine systems. The individuals believed that their symptoms, which included muscle cramps, night sweats, numbness, and a metallic taste,  were due to exposed mold in the apartment building. An expert on environmental medicine was needed to review the case and opine as to whether or not the exposure to mold in the apartment had an association with the tenants’ injuries.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you have experience with residential exposure to mold?
  • 2. Are you able to correlate symptomatology with mold exposure?

Expert Witness Response E-009712

What we call mold actually contains both bacteria and viruses. I have quite a bit of experience with residential exposure to mold, and have lectured on the subject to students, residents, and colleagues. Pulmonary symptoms are clearly supported by the literature, but the other symptoms and findings are likely to be much more controversial and would need additional consideration. It is important to not be too encouraging about these non-Pulmonary symptoms are known, and specific information as well as a literature search will be needed.

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