Defective Manufacturing Processes Cause Electrical Faults in Luxury Vehicle

    Automotive Expert WitnessThis automotive mechanics case involves a model of luxury hybrid sedan that was allegedly improperly manufactured, with defects specifically involving the sealing of electrical components within the vehicle’s engine compartment. Individuals who purchased vehicles manufactured for the North American market noted that compartments containing critical electrical equipment could become flooded during exposure to heavy rainfall, causing these components to fail. The cause of the water infiltration was later identified to be failed gasket seals that  were designed to isolate the electrical equipment from the elements. As a result of this defect, a large number of affected vehicles suffered water-related damage that made them undriveable.

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    I have worked in the automotive and heavy truck industry for over 42 years and can speak to the differences between cars manufactured for different markets. I work for various manufacturers on these one-off cases that come along requiring exceptional technical expertise and industry experience. Recently, I was part of a team of experts that defeated an attempt for class status regarding a defective component. I am also a technical expert. My skill level and training are such that I last worked as an instructor for a sports car manufacturer. Only the best troubleshooters in the nation are allowed to work as an instructor and train dealership technicians along with other factory engineers. Defects that emerge from water infiltration can often be tied to mistakes made during the design and manufacturing process, especially if the same issues are seen in a number of cars of the same model and year of production.

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