Consumer Electronics Producer Allegedly Steals Trade Secrets From Competitor

Electrical Engineering / Consulting ExpertThis case involves the efforts of a consumer electronics producer to steal talent, trade secrets, and intellectual property from its chief competitor. The plaintiff company claimed that the defendant lacked the proprietary technology, capabilities, and expertise to progress in the technology space. The defendant allegedly sought to overcome those shortcomings by attracting and retaining highly skilled employees. The defendant went about this by systematically plundering the plaintiff’s employees and their competitor’s critical trade secrets and intellectual property. An expert in electrical engineering consulting was sought to describe the particular processes of engineering consumer electronics, including circuit tuning, product testing, and component selection, and explain why these processes constitute trade secrets.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please briefly describe your electrical engineering experience with consumer electronics.
  • 2. Are you able to discuss circuit tuning, product testing, and component selection for consumer electronic products?
  • 3. Are you able to discuss why these values constitute trade secrets?

Expert Witness Response E-017505

I’m very familiar with Bluetooth technology in consumer products and can discuss the design and testing of consumer electronic devices. While leading Bluetooth, I was the driving force behind the testing and certification program for the technology. The fitness and wearable market was a key area for expanding the technology beyond its initial base of audio — primarily headsets and hands-free in cars. Thus, I worked with many companies in that space to ensure Bluetooth met their requirements.  In the past few years while consulting I have helped numerous companies design and add wireless capabilities to their products. This work has been very hands-on. I can also discuss why these are trade secrets. Circuit tuning is particularly important in devices containing wireless capabilities. Most companies develop in-house processes for these steps which they protect as a competitive advantage.

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