Construction Worker Falls From Unsafe Scaffolding

    Construction Expert WitnessThis case takes place in South Carolina and involves a man who was injured falling from scaffolding which allegedly had inadequate safety measures in place, with improperly fitted rivets that could not sustain the structure. The scaffolding was used by a general contractor for the construction of a high rise building. The plaintiff fell from the scaffolding, which lacked a number of essential safety features. The injuries he incurred have now made him incapable of working and making a living. This case required an expert who understands scaffolding safety and the necessary standards and procedures required to maintain a safe environment when scaffolding is involved.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Are you familiar with industry required safety standards for scaffolding?
    • 2. Have you erected or overseen the erection of scaffolding?
    • 3. Are you familiar with the relevant OSHA standards as it relates to safe scaffolding?
    • 4. Have you served as an expert witness in a matter similar to the one above?

    Expert Witness Response E-000453

    I am very familiar with industry safety standards for scaffolding. I supervised footing, bracing and guardrails for scaffolding while employed with NYC School Construction Authority and NYC Transit. I am familiar with OSHA standards for scaffolding, was consultant on the publication of “Supported Scaffold Safety” a safety training DVD by Convergence Technologies, have completed 2 or more scaffolding cases as expert witness, and currently have two active cases regarding scaffolding accidents.

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