Catastrophic Failure of Rifle Barrel Causes Devastating Injuries

    Firearms Expert WitnessThis case involved a plaintiff who was seriously injured when his rifle malfunctioned during a hunting trip in Texas. A few weeks before the incident in question, the plaintiff purchased a pre-owned hunting rifle from a local gun store in order to hunt deer with. During the hunting trip, the man discharged the rifle for the first time since purchasing it. Upon firing the rifle the round misfired, causing the barrel to explode halfway down its length. The resulting explosion caused metal fragments to lacerate the man’s hands and arms, causing severe bleeding and permanent muscular damage.

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    • 1. Please briefly describe your familiarity with firearm design specifically as it relates to rifles.

    Expert Witness Response E-070923

    I have been a shooter and hunter with firearms for over 51+ years. I have taught firearms including shotguns for 41 + years. I am an instructor for the State of North Carolina in firearms training, a certified instructor for the NRA (including rifles) and a range safety officer for the NRA. I have taught firearms training for the Federal Protective Services (the Federal Contractors Program), and a firearms trainer in the US Army. I served as a police officer trainer in pistols, rifles and shotguns as well. I was a SWAT team leader (training with a variety of weapons, including similar rifles) and an adjunct instructor for my state’s Peace Officers Standards of Training Council. In addition, I am a gunsmith, certified firearms appraiser and an armorer for law enforcement and military. I have written articles on firearms use and functionality. I have also written gun and gear reviews for a variety of weapons, including rifles.I am well versed in weapons design, ammunition design and user (shooter) interaction with firearms, especially rifles and gun safety. Obviously, a failure of this nature should never happen within normal and proper use of a firearm.

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