Carpenter Suffers Permanent Injuries After Doctors Fail to Re-Attach Fingers

Table Saw ExpertThis case involves a 37-year-old female carpenter who suffered a severe hand injury. The carpenter was using a table saw in her studio to cut wood for a set of dining room furniture. While using the saw, she severed her index and middle finger. She presented to the hospital but they were not able to reattach the fingers. As a result, the carpenter suffered permanent neurological damage and lost the severed fingers. An orthopedic surgeon was sought to discuss whether or not the hospital rendered the appropriate care.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. How often do you treat patients who present with similar injures?
  • 2. Are you familiar with the proper steps and protocols that need to be followed in order to salvage fingers?

Expert Witness Response E-070839

I have significant experience treating similar injuries. In the past year alone, I have replanted about 20- 30 digits, and have had treated MANY more with table saw injuries that were not replantable or salvageable. These commonly come to our institution as we are the only replant hospital in our area. I am more than familiar with these processes and I am currently involved in a multi center research project evaluating patients who have received either replants or revision amputations.

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