Building Owners Allegedly Conceal Lead Paint Hazard From Tenants

Victoria Negron

Written by Victoria Negron

- Updated on July 14, 2018

This case involves an apartment building that was discovered to have dangerous levels of lead paint. An investigation was launched following complaints from more than 20 apartment tenants, most of whom had been living in the building for several years, whose children presented with symptoms of lead poisoning. It was alleged that the building owners were aware of the toxic conditions and elected to conceal the health hazards from tenants. An expert in the field of toxicology was sought to address the possible consequences to human health that exposure to lead paint may have.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

1. What are some likely effects of exposure to environmental lead and arsenic?

Expert Witness Response E-143061

inline imageLead and arsenic poisoning can have acute and chronic effects. Lead toxicity manifests as anemia, neurologic dysfunction/ deterioration, growth retardation, kidney injury and gastrointestinal tract issues. Arsenic can cause neuropathy, damage to hair, skin, nails, and kidney injury. The timing of these symptoms and signs varies depending on the duration and dose of exposure and baseline health of the individual.

Expert Bio:

inline imageThis highly qualified expert has 15+ years of experience in medical toxicology. He completed a residency in emergency medicine and joint fellowships in medical toxicology at a prominent western university and at a state poison control system. He previously served as the director of toxicology at a western medical school as well as a staff emergency physician at a hospital. He is extensively published and works as a peer reviewer for 7 toxicology journals. Currently, he serves as an associate professor of clinical emergency medicine at a medical school, as well as the associate medical director at a state poison control system.

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