Bank Retaliates Against Employee For Investigating Compensation Disparity

John Lomicky

Written by John Lomicky

- Updated onOctober 25, 2023

This case involves a claim of employment discrimination against the executive leadership in a particular division of a top bank. A female plaintiff who had been working for the bank for more than 16 years was allegedly compensated 20% less than her male counterpart in the same department. Her male counterpart had a shorter tenure with the company and had continuously underperformed the female plaintiff in recent years. When the plaintiff began to pursue an investigation into comparative pay information, her superiors allegedly retaliated against her by subverting her management authority. Soon after, the employee was told that her position was no longer required due to organizational restructuring and was let go. An expert in organizational dynamics was sought to discuss whether the bank violated the provisions of Title VII as well as the impact of discriminatory practices on the office environment.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

1. Please describe your experience in organizational dynamics and the impact of discriminatory practices on the office environment.

3. Are you familiar with organizational dynamics in the context of the Title VII discrimination?

Expert Witness Response E-060949

inline imageI hold a Ph.D. in economic sociology from a prestigious research university, and I currently serve as a tenured professor at another top research university. I completed extensive doctoral work in organizational dynamics and labor issues. I am aware of the literature of how such dynamics may intersect with gender, race and national origin differential outcomes within organizations settings, both as result of direct discrimination but also as unintended consequences of general practices. My general organizations and labor courses include issues of gender and race. I am familiar with Title VII provisions and recent court decisions on salary information and discrimination cases. I can talk about supervisory authority in the context of organizational dynamics and gender and race differences.

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