TV Streaming Service Is Accused Of Plagiarizing Novelist


Intellectual Property ExpertThis case involves an alleged intellectual property infringement stemming from a television series release. An author wrote a novel that had received some acclaim from book critics shortly after the time of publication but was otherwise not considered to be widely successful. A streaming service began production of a series by the same name as the novel within a year of the novel’s publication. After the series was released, it became apparent that there were themes and plot developments that appeared to be lifted directly from the novel. An expert in literary and film copyright law was sought to compare the novel and the series in question and opine as to whether the series borrowed themes, characters, and other intellectual property from the author without consent.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • "1. Please describe your experience with intellectual property and copyright law in regards to the entertainment industry (i.e. films and books).
  • 2. Are you available to read the books, view the film and lend your opinion?
  • 3. Have you ever testified on a similar matter?
  • 4. Have you ever been sued or arrested? If yes, please explain."

Expert Witness Response E-116428

I am a professor of law emeritus and the director of an intellectual property clinic. I have reviewed 15 cases previously and have testified before Congress regarding intellectual property.

Expert Bio:

This expert gained his JD from Harvard Law School and is currently a professor of law emeritus of a university in Washington, DC and the director of an intellectual property clinic. He specializes in intellectual property and copyright law. He has testified before Congress and as an expert witness in various intellectual property and copyright cases.

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