Audio Engineering Expert Witnesses Opines on Unsafe Cable Management at Concert Venue

    Audio Forensics Expert WitnessThis case involves an individual who tripped and was badly injured when he fell on audio cables that ran to-and-from the front of house at a venue during a concert in West Virginia. The cables did not have protective ramps on them, and they ran across the floor where the general public was standing to watch the show. It is claimed that this arrangement was negligent, and that proper safety measures could have prevented the accident and the injuries suffered by the Plaintiff.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your education and professional experience regarding music / audio engineering.
    • 2. Do you routinely run live sound at concerts?
    • 3. Are you responsible for running cables from the soundboard to the stage?
    • 4. Can you explain what safety measures are observed in running cables from the soundboard to the stage?

    Expert Witness Response E-043120

    In addition to being an experienced musician, I have a plethora of technical experience that I have exercised at prestigious music training programs across the country, including Columbia, NYU, and Julliard. My clients have included Fortune 500 companies, prestigious museums and institutions, elite restaurant and hospitality groups, individuals, and startups. My production company runs sound, video and lighting for live events, such as concerts, several times per week; each event has a Front of House (FOH) position. Cables are always to be run in the least obtrusive manner possible. Every effort needs to be made to trace perimeters, go up and over doorways, or apply cable covers. Had these measures been in place they would have greatly reduced the chances of an accident like this from occurring.

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