Accident Reconstructionist Reviews Collision Between Helicopter And Golf Cart

    Helicopter Accident ExpertThis case involves a helicopter accident. The defendant was returning from a trip in which he rented a helicopter. He was accompanied by the pilot who operated the aircraft. Upon arrival, the helicopter was turned off and both exited the helicopter and put their belongings on a golf cart at the landing pad. The pilot drove the golf cart from the landing pad to the hangar. When the golf cart came to a stop at the hangar, the driver and the defendant immediately exited the golf cart and walked away. As the defendant was standing adjacent to the golf cart, it unexpectedly accelerated and took off at full speed. The defendant started running and grabbed the post on the cart but was unable to get into the golf cart. The cart dragged him about 10 feet before running over him and impacting the helicopter owned by the plaintiff. The helicopter suffered damages from the impact. An expert in accident reconstruction was sought to opine on the golf carts sudden acceleration.

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    • 1. Please discuss your background in accident reconstruction.

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    I have 28+ years in collision investigation and reconstruction. I hold a bachelor’s degree in mathematical sciences and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. I regularly contribute to accident reconstruction research, and I’ve authored more than 30 publications. I currently serve as a forensic engineer and collision reconstructionist for a private consulting group. My background provides ample qualifications to evaluate this case and perform the necessary analysis to find the root cause.

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