West Virginia Expert Witnesses

State: WV

Pharmacy Practice Expert


This highly qualified expert earned his undergraduate pharmacy degree from West Virginia University. He is certified by The American Pharmacist Association in Medication Therapy Management and Immunization. He is active in his field as ...

State: WV

Pharmacology Expert


This expert has over 15 years experience in academia as it relates to Pharmacology. He has been accredited with the discovery of the RGS protein family, leading to 4 issued patents and numerous publications. In 2004 he was awarded the ...

State: WV

Animal Drug Testing Expert


This highly qualified expert has years of experience in using animal models to study diabetes. He received his PhD degree from Ohio State University and completed his fellowship training in physiology and biophysics at the University ...

State: WV

Urology Expert


This highly qualified urologist received his M.D. from Damascus University School of Medicine. He completed residency training in General Surgery and Urology at Damascis University as well as a fellowship training in Urology at the ...

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