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Expert Qualifications

This expert has been a practicing engineer for nearly 25 years. A registered Professional Engineer in good standing in 45 states (including Florida), he is a member of several professional engineering societies, as well as the International Sign Association and the Mid-South Sign Association. He has worked for a number of large engineering firms and industrial manufactures, and he currently serves as an Engineering Manager at an engineering firm that is a leader in the sign industry.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: Tennessee
  • B.S., Tennessee Technological University
  • Member, International Sign Association
  • Member, Mid-South Sign Association
  • Member, Structural Engineers Association
  • Member, National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Member, Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers
  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Former, Structural Engineer, SSOE, Inc.
  • Former, Structural Engineer and Fabrication Manager, IKG Industries
  • Former, Structural Engineer, Trus Joist
  • Former, Owner / Structural Engineer, structural analysis and design firm
  • Current, Engineering Manager, engineering firm

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