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Expert witnesses in gas stations practice in a variety of fields, including petroleum engineering, environmental health and safety, hazardous materials management, retail operations, and commercial real estate. Some of the most common specialties for these expert witnesses also include fuel storage and handling, convenience store operations, gas station design and construction, underground storage tanks, and gasoline contamination. They have provided opinions on the effects of fuel leaks, site contamination, workplace safety violations, property value impacts due to proximity to gas stations, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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Gas Station and Fuel Systems Expert WitnessView profile


Gas Station and Fuel Systems Expert Witness

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This expert has extensive experience in fuel system design, storage, and dispensing systems. He has spent many years as a gas station expert, constructing gasoline service stations for major oil companies and public agencies. He has been involved with numerous societies in the gas station safety/construction industry, and is certified to handle all gas station related materials. Currently, this...

Retail Gasoline and Convenience Store Industry Expert WitnessView profile


Retail Gasoline and Convenience Store Industry Expert Witness

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This expert specializes in gas station and convenience store operations, management, and safety, with specific focus on site valuations, operating procedures, capital and expense management. He earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and a MBA in Finance from Drexel University. He has 37 years of experience in the downstream petroleum refining and marketing industry with ARCO...

Service Station and Convenience Store Expert WitnessView profile


Service Station and Convenience Store Expert Witness

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This highly qualified gas station expert has 25+ years of industry experience. Currently, he is the founder and owner of a gas station consulting service that specializes in service station construction, conversion of bays to c-stores, and franchise valuation. He served for 20 years as a Mobil Oil retailer with whom he earned the 42nd highest gasoline volume service station ranking as well as...


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Gas Station Expert Witness FAQs

A gas station expert witness provides specialized knowledge in cases involving gas station operations, safety standards, fuel storage and dispensing systems, and environmental issues.

They can handle cases related to fuel spills, fire incidents, equipment malfunctions, employee negligence, environmental contamination, and compliance with industry regulations.

They can help determine if proper safety protocols were followed, assess the condition of equipment, and evaluate employee actions at the time of the incident.

Yes. Some experts specialize in areas like petroleum engineering, environmental impact assessment, occupational safety, or convenience store operations.

Such an expert can provide insights on installation, maintenance, leak detection systems and regulatory compliance - crucial factors in cases involving potential soil or groundwater contamination.

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