Expert Qualifications

This highly qualified expert has been involved in the Laundry/Dry Cleaning industry his entire life. He has written numerous articles in the industry, he has been published in a number of manuals/publications, and has been quoted by respected news agencies including Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. This expert has consulted for hundreds of laundry facilities, chemical companies, equipment distributors, and manufacturers. Expert has several licenses and patents in the industry.

Bio Snapshot

  • Member: TRSA
  • Member: NFPA - Chairperson NFPA 32 Technical Committee Textile and Garment Care Processing
  • Former: Co-Owner, Spence Incorporated Laundry and Dry Cleaners.
  • Current: Owner, of a respected industry Consulting firm for over 35 years. Serving the Laundry Industry over 60 years. Court qualified from Small Claims to Federal Court.

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