Expert Qualifications

This expert has over 40 years experience in communication messages and interpretation. He currently conducts research concerned with the interpersonal tactics and message strategies that individuals use in the context of problematic social interactions. He also specializes in communicative intention and the adequacy/inadequacy of messages. This includes the question of how people are most likely to interpret messages in particular warning labels, advertising, contracts, instructions, waivers, and so forth. He has been recognized by the field as being among the "Top 1%" of the discipline's scholars in research productivity during the 1980's and 1990's. He has been an associate editor for several journals and has held several offices within the National Communication Association and Western States Communication Association. He has taught both graduate and undergraduate level courses concerned with interpersonal communication, language, message strategies, and empirical research methods.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: CA
  • BA, Speech Communication, University of Texas
  • MA, Speech Communication, University of Texas
  • PhD, Communication, Pennsylvania State University
  • Member, Speech Communication Association
  • Member,Western Speech Communication Association
  • Member,International Communication Association
  • Member,American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Former, Teaching Assistant, University of Texas
  • Former, Research Associate, University of Texas
  • Former, Instructor, Pennsylvania State University
  • Former, Assistant Professor, California State University
  • Former, Associate Professor, California State University
  • Former, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
  • Former, Associate Professor, University of California
  • Former, Professor, University of California
  • Former, Chair, Department of Communication, University of California
  • Current, Professor Emeritus, a CA university

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