Expert Qualifications

This expert currently owns and manages a national business which specializes in training forklift operators and trainers. He is also an active trainer who trains on a regular basis. Unlike many forklift experts, who may have trained small numbers of operators and no trainers, this expert has trained many thousands of operators and trainers across a variety of industries. He has also investigated hundreds of forklift accidents, including many serious injuries and a number of fatalities. He has surveyed hundreds of sites to improve forklift and pedestrian safety. His areas of expertise are the safe operation of forklifts, the proper training of operators/trainers and in compliance with OSHA standards.

Bio Snapshot

  • B.A., Miami University of Ohio
  • Certified, Rough Terrain Forklift and Aerial Work
  • Certified, Material Handling Engineering Operator
  • Certified Trainer, Trained thousands of forklift operators and trainers in a variety of applications, including manufacturing, warehousing and construction environments
  • Certified Trainer, Served as a trainer for sit down, stand up reach, elevated order picker, pallet jack and rough terrain forklifts.
  • Additional coursework, Job Safety Analysis, Accident Analysis, Fall Protection and Safety in Construction
  • Current, President and founder of a large, national forklift training company which specializes in educating forklift operators and trainers, as well as selling forklift safety products

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