Expert Qualifications

This highly qualified check fraud specialist and certified anti money laundering specialist has over 21 years of service in the industry. He spent 10 years as a Nevada law enforcement official in the field of corrections, and reserve work and became the president of the Nevada Check Cashing Association and board member of the National Check Cashers Association. He is currently a member of the Nevada Fight Fraud task force and Consumer Affairs Investigator Reserve as well as previous member Anti Money Laundering MSB task force. He currently provides anti-fraud consulting services nationally as well ad AML training, drafting of AML programs and independent reviews and written risk assessments.

Bio Snapshot

  • Certification, Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)
  • Member, Anti Money Laundering MSB Task Force (previous)
  • Member, State of Nevada Fight Fraud Task Force
  • Member, State of Nevada Consumer Affairs Investigator Reserve (previous)
  • Former, Nevada Law Enforcement
  • Former, President, Nevada Check Cashing Association
  • Former, Board Member, National Check Chashers Association Board of Directors
  • Current, Check Cashing Fraud Consultant at a major anti-money fraud consulting firm
  • Current AML (anti money laundering) Consultant working with MSB's, digital currency, Cannabis, check cashers, wire transmitters and Foreign Currency Dealers

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