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Welding, and Materials Science and Engineering Headshot

Welding, and Materials Science and Engineering Expert

This expert is a full professor of Mechanical Engineering at a prominent university in the Western US. He received his PhD in Welding and Materials Engineering from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining academia, he worked as a research assistant at Edison Welding Institute and as a materials engineer at Westinghouse-Power Generation. His research interests are in the area of materials joining, materials characterization, and the relationships between ...

Metallurgical Engineering Headshot

Metallurgical Engineering Expert

This expert received his B.S. in Engineering/Metallurgical Engineering from the Fenn College of Engineering at Cleveland State University. He has spent the entire 29 years of his industrial metalworking career as a metallurgical and quality assurance specialist. He has completed more than 25 continuing education and technical conference courses and seminars on various metallurgy and quality science topics. He has worked in several metallurgical and quality assurance ...

Neuroepidemiology Headshot

Neuroepidemiology Expert

This expert has been a leading force nationally and internationally on Alzheimer's research and discovery. He has over 35 years experience conducting research in the epidemiology of neurological diseases and am the author of over 200 scientific publications. He has been called as an expert witness before on a series of cases alleging causation of Parkinson's disease by welding exposure. He regularly reviews for many neuroscience publications. Prior to his current ...

Metallurgy & Medical implants Headshot

Metallurgy & Medical implants Expert

This expert is a Professional Engineer and possesses over 30 years of engineering experience. He specializes in Failure Analysis, Metallurgical Testing, Fatigue Testing, Welding and Brazing Qualification. Prior to founding his current professional engineering consulting firm, he was the successful owner of a mechanical testing laboratory in Cincinnati, OH. This firm was a mechanical & metallurgical testing laboratory, handling clients from the Aerospace, Medical, ...

Mechanical Engineering Headshot

Mechanical Engineering Expert

This highly qualified expert holds both a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Carolina where he was summa cum laude. He is a Certified Plant Engineer and a Certified Training Instructor for Aerial Work Platforms and Rough-Terrain Forklifts. He was enlisted in the United States Navy for 12 years where he was responsible for operating, repairing, and managing nuclear power plants and personnel. He has also served as ...

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