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Ski safety expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including sports safety, outdoor recreation, winter sports instruction, and risk management. Some of the most common ski safety expert witness specialties also include ski lift operations, snowboarding safety, avalanche risk assessment, ski equipment failure analysis, and mountain rescue procedures. They can opine on the effects of inadequate signage on ski slopes, improper maintenance of ski lifts, negligent instruction by ski instructors, faulty ski equipment, and lack of proper safety measures during extreme weather conditions.

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Mark St. John Petrozzi, ARMView profile

ID: 156940

Mr. Mark St. John Petrozzi, ARM

Mr. Mark St. John Petrozzi has 43 years of experience in Ski Safety and Risk Management. He earned his BS in Recreation and Park Management from Springfield College. Today, this expert is certified as an Associate in Risk Management by the Insurance Institute of America/ Risk Management Society. Formerly, this expert served as Vice President at Snow Park Technologies, LLC, the Vice President of...

Ski and Snow Sports Safety Expert Witness | New HampshireView profile


Ski and Snow Sports Safety Expert Witness | New Hampshire

This ski safety expert is the Principal Consultant at a major consulting firm, the premiere Ski Safety Consulting Practice in North America specializing ski accident investigation, skiing related litigation consulting, ski area risk management, ski area loss control, operational best practices and generally accepted practices and principles employed by the ski industry. His knowledge, education,...

Ski and Snow Sports Safety Expert Witness | ColoradoView profile


Ski and Snow Sports Safety Expert Witness | Colorado

This expert has been involved in the ski/snow sport safety industry for more than 40 years. He has extensive experience in evaluating winter sports sites such as ski areas, tubing, and sledding venues. He is certified as a professional ski instructor, and as an outdoor emergency care technician, and a snowmobile instructor. He is a member of numerous societies relating to winter sports safety,...

Winter Sports and Biomechanics Expert Witness |View profile


Winter Sports and Biomechanics Expert Witness |

This expert has been involved in winter sports and biomechanics since 1972. He has published 10 academic papers relating to jumps in skiing. He has been a guest professor at the University of Calgery's Human Performance Lab, which is the only one of its kind in Canada. He is currently full-time professor at a university in Austria in the Department of Sport Science.

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