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Rock Climbing & Mountaineering Equipment, Safety, and Procedures Headshot

Rock Climbing & Mountaineering Equipment, Safety, and Procedures Expert

This expert has extensive experience in rock climbing in both the outdoor and indoor gym settings. She earned her BA from the University of Southern California. This expert is a member of the American Alpine Club and is certified as a wilderness first responder, single pitch instructor, apprentice rock guide, and apprentice alpine guide. She has previously served as a member of the safety committee of the Southern California Mountaineers Association. She was the ...

Adventure Tourism and Mountaineering Headshot

Adventure Tourism and Mountaineering Expert

This highly experienced climbing, mountaineering and hiking expert is an accomplished guide with experience in numerous locations including the Cascades of Washington State, the BC Coast Range, Nevada's Red Rock Canyon, the Alaska Range, California's Joshua Tree National Park and Eastern Sierra, as well as in the Enchanted Rocks of Texas. He has served as an American Alpine Institute guide trainer since 2006 and Director of Field Operations. He is currently the head ...

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