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The expert witnesses from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) specialize in various fields, including automotive engineering, traffic safety, vehicle crashworthiness, accident reconstruction, and transportation regulations. Some of the most common specialties among NHTSA expert witnesses also encompass seatbelt and airbag functionality, vehicle safety standards, drunk driving prevention measures, pedestrian safety, and highway design. They have provided opinions on the effects of vehicle defects, driver impairment, road conditions, traffic control devices, and vehicle safety recalls.

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NHTSA Expert Witness FAQs

What is the role of a NHTSA expert witness in legal proceedings?

A NHTSA expert witness provides specialized knowledge on vehicle safety standards, crash investigations, and automotive regulations. They can offer critical insights and testimony in cases involving vehicular accidents or defects.

In what types of cases might I need a NHTSA expert witness?

You may need a NHTSA expert witness for cases involving auto accidents, product liability claims related to vehicles, DUI/DWI cases, or any case requiring understanding of federal motor vehicle safety standards.

What are some subspecialties within the field of NHTSA expertise?

Subspecialties can include crash reconstruction, vehicle safety testing, drunk driving prevention programs, and interpretation of federal motor vehicle safety standards.

How can a NHTSA expert witness help in a DUI/DWI case?

A NHTSA expert can provide insight into sobriety testing procedures and their accuracy, helping to establish whether proper protocol was followed during the arrest.

Why is it important that a NHTSA expert witness be familiar with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)?

Familiarity with FMVSS is crucial as these standards govern all aspects of vehicle performance. An expert's understanding can help determine if a defect contributed to an accident.

How does Expert Institute select its NHTSA expert witnesses?

Expert Institute offers a personalized approach to help you find the highest quality experts. We source actively-practicing professionals who match all your requirements for specialty areas, work experience, litigation history, fee range, certifications, location, and more.

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