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Material Handling Equipment and Warehousing Expert Witness | MissouriView profile


Material Handling Equipment and Warehousing Expert Witness | Missouri

This expert has been working with Material Handling Equipment for nearly 40 years. He began his career at Brodie, Inc., which offers a complete line of material handling, industrial and warehousing equipment. He then worked for Clarklift of St. Louis, conducting safety training and service training classes for the use of machinery such as forklifts and pallet jacks. Prior to retirement this...

Metallurgy and Metallurgical Failure Analysis Expert Witness | CaliforniaView profile


Metallurgy and Metallurgical Failure Analysis Expert Witness | California

This highly qualified expert has over 40 years of experience in metallurgy and metallurgical failure analysis, with expertise in metallurgical engineering, failure analysis, materials solutions, welding and corrosion consulting in stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper-based alloys, titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys, and high alloys. He earned his BS in metallurgical engineering from...

Electronic Components, Materials, and Processes Expert Witness | South CarolinaView profile


Electronic Components, Materials, and Processes Expert Witness | South Carolina

This highly-qualified expert has over 25 years of experience in the areas of electronic materials, electronic components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, batteries, antennae, etc.) and assemblies (surface mount), intellectual property, product development, process optimization, market studies, and grants. He earned his MS in materials science and engineering from the University of Florida and...

Toxicology Expert Witness | FloridaView profile


Toxicology Expert Witness | Florida

This medical toxicologist is a fellow of the American College of Medical Toxicology and an adjunct associate professor of Toxicology at a respected Florida college of public health. In addition to an MD obtained in Mexico, he earned his doctorate in Toxicology from the University of Minnesota, with a Master's degree in Public Health from the University of Texas at Houston. He was a Poison...

Material Handling Expert Witness Case Studies

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    Property Owner Improperly Removes Asbestos

    January 10, 2022

    This case involves a property owner of an antiquated rental property, whose tenants complained that many of the appliances were outdated and that the...

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    Children Exposed to Asbestos After School Improperly Removes Hazardous Material

    January 7, 2022

    This case involves several school children who were playing outside a school on the sidewalk. The children discovered a white chalky material that...

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    Civil Engineering Expert Witness Advises on Design Defect That Caused Structural Damage

    January 11, 2022

    A civil engineering expert witness advises on a case involving the design and construction of a commercial building in New Hampshire. Plaintiffs...

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    Retail Store Shelving Collapses on Sub-Contracted Painter

    October 27, 2017

    This case involves a man who was injured while painting the walls of a self-described “sustainable urban lifestyle” retail store. He and his company...

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    Forklift Accident Permanently Injures Big-Box Retail Worker

    August 26, 2021

    The plaintiff was unloading a delivery when another employee drove the forklift into him fork first. The employee drove the forklift through a large...

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    Backhoe Tips Over, Severely Injures Worker

    December 18, 2017

    This case takes place in Pennsylvania and involves an individual who was injured when the backhoe he was operating tipped over on an incline at a...

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