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Lost wage expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including economics, finance, human resources, employment law, and personal injury. Some of the most common specialties among lost wage expert witnesses also include labor economics, vocational rehabilitation, forensic accounting, economic damages, and wage and hour disputes. They can opine on the effects of wrongful termination, discrimination, personal injuries, disability claims, and wage theft.

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Lost Wages and Forensic Accounting Expert Witness | MissouriView profile


Lost Wages and Forensic Accounting Expert Witness | Missouri

This expert has been an active teacher in the areas of taxation and international accounting at a prominent University for over 15 years. In addition to his academic responsibilities, he has also provided tax consulting services for nonresident alien and U.S. taxpayers. This expert’s research articles have appeared in such journals as The Journal of the American Taxation Association, Journal of...

Lost Wage Expert Witness FAQs

What is a lost wage expert witness?

A lost wage expert witness is a professional who can provide testimony on the calculation of lost earnings due to injury, wrongful termination, or other incidents.

What types of cases does a lost wage expert witness handle?

They typically handle personal injury, employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and workers' compensation cases.

How can a lost wage expert witness assist in my case?

They can calculate potential future earnings, assess economic damages, and provide credible testimony to support your claim.

What subspecialties exist within the field of lost wage expert witnessing?

Subspecialties may include forensic economics, vocational rehabilitation, labor economics, and actuarial science.

Why is it important to hire a lost wage expert witness with experience in my specific type of case?

Each case type has unique factors affecting wage loss. An experienced expert can accurately calculate losses and effectively communicate these to the court.

How does Expert Institute select its Lost Wage expert witnesses?

Expert Institute offers a personalized approach to help you find the highest quality experts. We source actively-practicing professionals who match all your requirements for specialty areas, work experience, litigation history, fee range, certifications, location, and more.

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