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Gaming & Gambling expert witnesses specialize in a variety of fields, including casino operations, sports betting, online gambling, lottery systems, and gaming regulations. Some of the most common specialties among Gaming & Gambling expert witnesses include slot machine operation, poker game rules, gambling addiction, casino security, and horse racing betting. They have provided opinions on the effects of gambling laws and regulations, the impact of gambling addiction on individuals and families, the fairness of casino games, the security measures in casinos, and the economic impacts of sports betting.

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Alan Wayne Zajic, CPP, ICPSView profile

ID: 137685

Mr. Alan Wayne Zajic, CPP, ICPS

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Mr. Alan W. Zajic has over 50 years of experience in Security and Safety Consulting. Today, this expert is a Certified Protection Professional by the American Society for Industrial Security and licensed as a Private Investigator and Private Patrolman in the state of Nevada. Formerly, this expert held roles as the Director of Security/ Loss Control and the Executive Director of Hotel Operations...

Gaming & Gambling Expert Witness FAQs

A gaming and gambling expert witness provides specialized knowledge in court cases involving casinos, online gaming, sports betting, lottery systems, and other related areas.

These experts are crucial in cases involving fraud, addiction issues, regulatory compliance, game design disputes, intellectual property rights, and more within the gaming and gambling industry.

Yes. Expert witnesses in this field have comprehensive knowledge of both brick-and-mortar casino operations as well as online gaming platforms and their associated technologies.

Yes. Subspecialties can include casino security, slot machine mechanics, sports betting regulations, online game development, lottery system analysis, among others.

They can analyze game outcomes, evaluate security measures, assess player behavior patterns, and use their extensive knowledge to determine if cheating or fraud has occurred.

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