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Dietary supplements expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including nutrition, pharmacology, toxicology, health and wellness, and food science. Some of the most common dietary supplements expert witness specialties also include herbal medicine, sports nutrition, vitamin supplementation, weight loss supplements, and nutraceuticals. They can opine on the effects of supplement safety, ingredient efficacy, labeling compliance, adverse reactions to supplements, and dietary supplement-drug interactions.

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Regulatory Affairs and Product Labeling Expert Witness | NevadaView profile


Regulatory Affairs and Product Labeling Expert Witness | Nevada

This Nutrition industry professional has an advanced degree in nutrition, and several years of experience involving the technical aspects of regulatory affairs, scientific affairs, product labeling, and research & development. His specialties: 21 CFR 101 (Food Labeling), 21 CFR 111 (cGMPs for dietary supplements), FTC advertising guidelines, regulatory compliance review, product substantiation,...

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