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Concrete expert witnesses specialize in a variety of fields, including construction, civil engineering, structural engineering, materials science, and architecture. Some of the most common specialties among concrete expert witnesses include concrete mix design, concrete durability, concrete testing, reinforced concrete structures, and precast concrete products. They have provided opinions on the effects of improper mixing procedures, faulty installation methods, environmental impacts on concrete structures, failure analysis of concrete structures, and standards and codes compliance in the use of concrete.

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Analytical Chemistry and Concrete Materials Expert WitnessView profile


Analytical Chemistry and Concrete Materials Expert Witness

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This expert has over 36 years of experience for the research, development, and performance of chemical admixtures for the concrete construction industry. He has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from University of Massachusetts - Lowell and has authored 45 publications and 19 patents in the field of analysis and performance of concrete admixtures. He now consults and lectures on all aspects of...

Floor Covering Failure and Concrete Moisture Testing and Analysis Expert WitnessView profile


Floor Covering Failure and Concrete Moisture Testing and Analysis Expert Witness

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This well-credentialed expert has over 40 years of experience in the floor covering industry. He is a certified walkway auditor and a licensed concrete moisture testing technician. He is active in his field as a member of the American Concrete Institute, the International Concrete Repair Institute, and the American Society for Testing and Materials. Formerly, this expert spent approximately...


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Concrete Expert Witness FAQs

A concrete expert witness provides specialized knowledge on concrete materials, construction methods, and industry standards. They can offer insights into cases involving structural failures, construction defects, or disputes.

Concrete experts often handle cases related to construction defects, personal injury due to faulty concrete work, property damage claims, and disputes over concrete quality or installation methods.

Yes, many concrete experts have experience with various subspecialties such as precast, decorative, or reinforced concrete and can provide detailed analysis and testimony on these topics.

In slip-and-fall cases, a concrete expert can analyze the surface conditions, maintenance records, and adherence to safety standards to determine if negligence occurred.

Local building codes dictate specific requirements for concrete work. An expert familiar with these codes can identify if violations contributed to the dispute or accident under investigation.

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