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Bullying expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including education, psychology, social work, human resources, and law enforcement. Some of the most common specialties among bullying expert witnesses include school bullying, workplace bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, and discrimination. They have provided opinions on the effects of peer victimization, mental health impacts, prevention strategies, legal implications of bullying incidents, and the role of institutional policies in addressing bullying.

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K-12 Education Policies Expert Witness

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New Hampshire

This expert is an experienced attorney who specializes in K-12 education practices, with his work focusing on the adequacy of policies, training, supervision, protocols, investigations as they relate to educator and student behavioral misconduct, including harassment, bullying, hazing, and all forms of sexual misconduct. He earned both his BA and his JD from Washington University at St. Louis,...

Bullying Expert Witness FAQs

A bullying expert witness provides insight into the psychological, social, and educational aspects of bullying. They can testify on its effects, prevention strategies, and policies.

Cases involving school bullying, workplace harassment, cyberbullying, or any situation where bullying behavior has caused harm may benefit from a bullying expert witness.

Yes, many bullying experts are also knowledgeable about cyberbullying. They can discuss its impact, prevalence, and ways to prevent it.

The expert can analyze company policies, assess the work environment, and provide an understanding of the psychological impact of such harassment on the victim.

Yes, some experts specialize in areas like school bullying, cyberbullying, workplace harassment, or specific age groups like children or adolescents.

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