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Expert witnesses in asphalt roofing practice in a variety of fields, including construction, building inspection, civil engineering, and architecture. Some of the most common specialties among these expert witnesses include waterproofing, roof damage assessment, roofing installation standards, and roofing material failure analysis. They have provided opinions on the effects of weather conditions on asphalt roofs, improper installation techniques, faulty materials, negligence in maintenance, and structural design flaws.

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Six Sigma Roofing Expert WitnessView profile


Six Sigma Roofing Expert Witness

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This expert has more than 32 years of experience in the asphalt roofing manufacturing industry. He is a certified Lean Trainer and a certified Six Sigma Champion. While at Owens Corning, he spent 20 years as a plant manager for 3 separate asphalt roofing facilities, 8 years as a production manager, and 5 years in various supervisory and support roles. He also served on a product development and...

General Liability and Workers Compensation Expert WitnessView profile


General Liability and Workers Compensation Expert Witness

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North Carolina

This expert earned his BS in Management Science from Virginia Tech and Executive Graduate Program College of Insurance. This expert also has a number of certifications including certification as a Certified Builders Insurance Agent, certification by the College of Insurance, and certification by the National Safety Council. He is licensed as a Property and Casualty Agent and a Life and Health...

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Asphalt Roofing Expert Witness FAQs

An asphalt roofing expert witness provides specialized knowledge on industry standards, installation procedures, and potential defects. They can offer crucial insights in cases involving roof damage or improper installation.

Cases involving construction disputes, insurance claims related to storm damage, personal injury due to roof failure, or property damage from faulty installation often require an asphalt roofing expert witness.

Yes, they can provide detailed information about various types of asphalt shingles including three-tab shingles, architectural shingles, and premium shingles, as well as their appropriate use and installation.

In a product liability case, the expert can identify if the asphalt shingles were defective, improperly installed or if they failed prematurely due to manufacturing issues.

Yes, some experts may specialize in areas such as commercial vs residential roofing, specific types of asphalt materials like organic or fiberglass shingles, or particular installation techniques.

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