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Expert witnesses in archery range practices come from a variety of fields, including sports safety, recreational facility management, outdoor recreation, risk management, and personal injury. Some of the most common specialties among these expert witnesses include equipment safety, standards for archery instruction, range design and maintenance, accident reconstruction, and liability assessment. They have provided opinions on the effects of improper supervision at ranges, faulty equipment, inadequate safety measures, accidents due to poor range design or maintenance, and injuries resulting from non-compliance with standard operating procedures.

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Firearms and Archery Range Safety Expert Witness

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North Carolina

This firearms and archery enthusiast and instructor has been involved in the field for over 41 years. He completed numerous training's with the U.S. Army, Armstrong State College and the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. The expert has completed numerous firearms and archery-related courses and instructor courses over the years; currently, he teaches Firearms and Archery...

Archery Range Expert Witness FAQs

An archery range expert witness provides insight into safety protocols, equipment use, and training standards at archery ranges. They can help establish negligence or liability in personal injury cases.

Cases involving accidents or injuries at an archery range, disputes over property damage caused by stray arrows, or issues related to improper supervision or training may need such an expert.

Yes, they can offer professional opinions on whether equipment failure contributed to an incident, based on their knowledge of archery equipment standards and maintenance practices.

Yes, some experts specialize in areas like youth education and training, adaptive archery for individuals with disabilities, or the design and operation of commercial archery ranges.

They can evaluate whether faulty equipment or inadequate safety warnings contributed to an accident, helping to determine if a manufacturer or retailer bears responsibility.

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