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Anthropology expert witnesses specialize in a variety of fields, including cultural anthropology, forensic anthropology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and archaeology. Some of the most common specialties among these experts also include ethnography, social anthropology, medical anthropology, primatology, and paleoanthropology. They have provided opinions on the effects of cultural practices, human evolution, language development, societal structures, and ancient civilizations.

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Archival Studies Expert Witness | VirginiaView profile


Archival Studies Expert Witness | Virginia

This highly-qualified archival studies expert has over 10 years of experience in professional historical research and writing. He specializes in American industrial, economic, and popular culture history, as well as the digitization of paper ephemera such as newspapers, periodicals, and books. He earned his BA from the University of Mary Washington and MA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He...


Afghanistan Anthropology Expert Witness | MichiganView profile


Afghanistan Anthropology Expert Witness | Michigan

This expert is a Professor of Anthropology at a major university, specializing in The Afghan Studies. He is a former member of the Board of Trustees of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies and is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland. He has multiple publications in anthropology focusing on his research in Afghan culture and has multiple book...

1960-70s Sexuality & Culture Expert Witness | New YorkView profile


1960-70s Sexuality & Culture Expert Witness | New York

This educator is a scholar of human social interaction and American history. At Harvard, he wrote his PhD dissertation on the sexual revolution of the 1960's; he later adapted this scholarly work into a popular book. He has been featured as an expert on a CNN series, a the History Channel program , and a VH1 documentary.

Human Resources, Employee Misconduct, & Cultural Diversity Expert Witness | OregonView profile


Human Resources, Employee Misconduct, & Cultural Diversity Expert Witness | Oregon

This expert has 26 years of experience with the Oregon State Police and ample experience in teaching, human resources investigation, and public safety training. He received a BS in the administration of justice from Portland State University and a master's in education focusing on adult education from Oregon State University. This expert formerly served as a sergeant first class in the Oregon...

Anthropology Expert Witness FAQs

What is the role of an anthropology expert witness in legal proceedings?

An anthropology expert witness provides insight into human behavior, culture, and evolution. They can offer valuable context in cases involving cultural disputes, human rights issues, or archaeological matters.

In what types of cases might I need an anthropology expert witness?

Anthropology experts are often needed in cases involving indigenous rights, cultural heritage disputes, immigration issues, and even criminal cases where cultural context may be relevant.

Can an anthropology expert witness specialize in a particular area?

Yes, anthropologists can specialize in areas like cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, or archaeology. Their specialty can provide deeper insights into specific case details.

How can an anthropology expert witness assist in immigration cases?

In immigration cases, an anthropology expert can provide crucial understanding of the applicant's cultural background, societal norms and potential dangers they may face upon return to their home country.

Why would an archaeology-focused anthropology expert be beneficial in land dispute cases?

An archaeology-focused anthropologist can provide evidence about historical land use and occupation, which can be pivotal in resolving land dispute cases.

How does Expert Institute select its Anthropology expert witnesses?

Expert Institute offers a personalized approach to help you find the highest quality experts. We source actively-practicing professionals who match all your requirements for specialty areas, work experience, litigation history, fee range, certifications, location, and more.

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