Introducing, Strategic
Research Guidebooks

Commission bespoke research reports on any product, drug, or device to guide your case preparation and client intake process. These polished guidebooks are ideal for attorneys pursuing mass tort matters.

Get the facts

Access a comprehensive overview of the history and development of the product in question, plaintiff risk factors for injury, and strength of association metrics.

Get exactly who you're looking for

Analyze your options

Review all the literature available on a product, drug, or device to help you decide how to proceed with the matter.

We reveal a 360-degree view of each expert candidate to ensure they can withstand deposition and cross examination.

Jumpstart your case prep

With a roundup of relevant studies, journal articles, and research publications authored by industry experts, you begin your case research and intake process at the halfway mark.

Speak with your expert before retaining

Hear what the leading experts have to say about your next case.

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