Finz & Finz Breaks Records with the Help of Stellar Experts

The Firm


Since its founding in 1984, Finz & Finz, P.C. has been setting records with some of the largest verdicts and settlements throughout New York State. The powerhouse personal injury firm, which handles cases ranging from truck and car accidents to product liability, construction disasters, medical malpractice, and everything in between, is acutely aware of how crucial expert witness testimony is to their success. “In our area of practice, it is of critical and utmost importance to be able to secure top quality, world-renowned experts in various fields,” explains Stuart L. Finz, senior trial lawyer and CEO. With client health and livelihoods on the line, the team’s expert sourcing leaves very little margin for error.

The Challenge


For the firm’s high value caseload, the time and resources required to source experts were “enormous—not only in the cost of acquisition of experts, but in the time that it would take to determine which expert would be most appropriate for a particular type of case.” Not to mention that in medical malpractice cases, most experts lean more to the defense side. It soon became clear that in-house expert-sourcing was not a sustainable model for the busy Finz team. That’s when Stuart connected with Expert Institute.

The Solution


With help from Expert Institute, the expert sourcing workflow required by Finz & Finz has been transformed. “Expert Institute has been invaluable in streamlining our process of engaging world-renowned experts across medical specialties and enabled us to broaden our malpractice department,” Stuart explains. And with the logistical burden of expert-sourcing lifted from the firm’s shoulders, the team has more time to devote to their case preparations, further maximizing the results of cases on behalf of their clients.

Finz & Finz also works closely with Expert Institute’s in-house physicians using Case Clinics. With the medical experts just a phone call away, Stuart and his team are able to quickly zero-in on a case theory and determine the best combination of experts for each case. “There have been instances where members of our firm thought a case may not be viable, but I insisted upon having a Case Clinic with Expert Institute. Through that process, we were able to determine precisely what our theory would be, thereby turning cases that would have otherwise been rejected into success stories,” Stuart says.

The Results


Since partnering with Expert Institute, Stuart explains, “Our job has been made significantly easier knowing that we can turn to Expert Institute to get real, honest, straightforward, and quick answers to very specific and complicated medical questions. Their resources are vast.” And these resources have contributed to some major firm victories.

Expert Institute connected Finz & Finz with experts who helped secure a $9.2 million settlement for a woman who suffered brain damage secondary to malnutrition, a $9.7 million settlement for an infant that lost his intestines as a result of a failure to diagnose NEC, and a $3 million settlement for a woman who suffered a stroke as a result of her neurologist’s failure to diagnose Moya-Moya disease. “Expert Institute has played an important role in helping our business maintain what we do best. With their help securing top-quality experts, we are moving cases through the system more efficiently and getting superior results.”

Let the old way of getting experts rest in the past. If you need a qualified expert on a case to provide support throughout the litigation process, then there’s one place you should turn to—that’s Expert Institute.

Stuart L. Finz, Esq. Finz & Finz, P.C.

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