Swope Rodante Confidently Rebuts Affirmative Defense with Critical Expert Knowledge

The Firm


The attorneys at Tampa-based civil litigation firm, Swope Rodante, are no strangers to fighting the tough matters. In fact, they’re happiest when advocating for those who have been wronged in large-scale cases. From personal injury and products liability to insurance bad faith and appellate cases— they handle the tough ones.

Because of their dedication to improving the lives of their clients, the attorneys at Swope Rodante often put long hours and intense preparation into each case.

The Challenge


If you ask Swope Rodante’s Managing Partner, Angela Rodante, how the firm racked up so many hours of case preparation, she says that finding and connecting with experts was one of the biggest culprits.

“Every lawyer who handles large complex cases knows that one of the most difficult tasks is trying to locate appropriate, impartial, and qualified experts who are not just experienced in their fields, but who are willing to take the time to understand your case better and help you figure out how you’re going present and win it.”

The firm needed a more efficient way to consult experts—both before taking on new cases and while working up open matters. Of course, they also needed to find a solution that wasn’t going to break the bank. That’s when they turned to Expert Institute.

The Solution


With a Partnership subscription to Expert Institute’s suite of services, Swope Rodante has been able to quickly consult incredible industry professionals whose credentials and expertise have strengthened their client advocacy. “Expert Institute’s services have saved us enormous hours, energy, and stress by connecting us with experts who have, in many cases, helped us down the path to success.”

Ms. Rodante recalls an instance when Expert Institute’s Case Clinic service—in-house medical record reviews and consultations—helped steer her case in the right direction. “We were handling a wrongful death case, and we chose to have a Case Clinic with Expert Institute because it was alleged the decedent had preexisting conditions that may have contributed to the death.  Because of Expert Institute’s review and assessment, we were able to get the medical information necessary to feel confident in our ability to rebut, and arguably defeat, the affirmative defense.”

The Results


Swope Rodante now depends on Expert Institute to provide expert resources for just about every case they take on. Best of all, the firm is no longer wasting precious case preparation time running down dead end-roads or investing resources into the wrong matters.

“Expert Institute’s services add incredible value to our firm. They’ve helped us connect with great experts in several specialties. But the biggest savings they present us is our time. We are not stuck reading articles and trying to figure out who’s written them or attempting to make cold call contact with qualified experts. The service saves us, not only money, but time in the traditional practice of medical malpractice.”

“If I were talking to a friend, I would tell them that Expert Institute’s Partnership is incredibly cost efficient. In many cases, Expert Institute’s team has shown us that there’s no path to winning a case and saved us countless hours and thousands of dollars.”

“In my 40 years in practice, working up cases has pretty much followed the same pattern. You spend weeks trying to find the right expert. You pay the expert thousands of dollars and find out there’s no case. And you do that over and over trying to find the oyster with the pearl. With Expert Institute, that entire process is shortened and made affordable—you could even say free.”

Dale Swope, Esq. Swope Rodante

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