How a Solo Practitioner Gained Hometown Recognition with Medical Expert Consultations

The Firm


The Finnell Firm found its specialty in injury advocacy early on. Located in Rome, Georgia, litigator, Bob Finnell, Esq., gained his legal footing after closing the first successful medical malpractice case for his area in some time. “Once I’d done one, I just kept getting more,” Finnell recalls. Now The Finnell Firm works exclusively on personal injury and workers’ compensation cases and has established itself as northwest Georgia’s top injury advocate.

The Challenge


Mr. Finnell recalls his early days as an attorney, when working up a medical malpractice case meant taking a long drive to the Emory University Medical Library to pour over medical texts. “This was before the internet,” he adds, with a laugh. But even now, with the abundance of information available on and WebMD, Mr. Finnell stresses that the key to determining the strength of a medical case is collaborating with medically trained experts. Of course, finding experts to consult wasn’t always so easy for the firm.

Since partnering with Expert Institute, The Finnell Firm now has on-demand access to the medical expertise they need before they even sign on new matters. With Case Clinics, Mr. Finnell is able to speak with Expert Institute’s team of physicians to confirm a prospective case is worth pursuing. These consultations have helped the firm dive into more meritorious matters and build a stronger pipeline of cases.

“Expert Institute’s Case Clinics have reliably provided us with the guidance we need to make the decisions about the cases we undertake,” recalls Mr. Finnell. “This creates the doorway we can then go through to then use the Expert Search service to find the necessary experts and optimize our chances for case success.”

The Solution


With his clients’ quality of life and financial stability on the line, Mr. Finnell prides himself on doing his due diligence to every prospective client who walks through his doors. “Anyone with experience in this business knows that medical malpractice cases are very emotional for clients, and also very expensive,” says Mr. Finnell.

Beyond taking strong cases, it’s equally important to Mr. Finnell that he is able to provide injured parties with reliable expert opinions that offer comfort—particularly when he turns down a matter. “Unfortunately, given the standards you’re held to in these kinds of cases, you’ll likely have to say no to many matters that cross your desk. But people want answers, especially in a small town.” Expert Institute’s physicians are an invaluable asset to Mr. Finnell in his endeavor to provide those answers.

Following a Case Clinic, Expert Institute’s Medical Team provides a written summary of the record review, citing relevant literature and medical peer collaboration. It’s these reviews that have helped Mr. Finnell to garner recognition among his local peers.

“I’ve had many people refer potential cases to me because they know the medical resource I have in Expert Institute,” says Mr. Finnell. “Through me, clients can receive a letter outlining why they don’t have a case. Even though it might be tough for them to receive, it helps them understand the decision. I’m the only lawyer in the area doing this kind of work, so that credibility means a great deal.”

The Results


What impresses Mr. Finnell most about Expert Institute is the team’s ability to meet his needs to-a-T, every time. “Expert Institute works with me to get exactly the kind of qualified expert I want. In one instance, they helped me locate two neurosurgery experts with the right academic credentials for my case. The case was settled before even going to trial because of the quality of the expert review and the angle of attack that the experts brought up,” recalls Mr. Finnell. “These were two very high-quality people, and that made all the difference in the world.”

Working with Expert Institute has given Mr. Finnell the ability to seamlessly connect with the experts he needs, give each case an advantageous edge, and effectively advocate for his community. “In this profession, there’s a saying that there’s no such thing as a small malpractice case,” says Mr. Finnell. “A successful case depends on obtaining the right types of experts whose qualifications make it difficult for the defense to match. On that front, Expert Institute has done a great job with us.”

For any attorney getting into the business of medical malpractice, Expert Institute is the most efficient resource available to them. A lawyer can quickly evaluate the merits of a case and make a decision whether to get involved or not. And if they do get involved in a case, having Expert Institute find them quality experts is paramount to their success.

Bob Finnell, Esq. The Finnell Firm

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