[Video] What Attorneys Find Most Valuable in Medical Case Reviews With Dr. Jason Strachan

We spoke with Dr. Jason Strachan, M.B.B.S., on our medical team about how attorneys can use medical record reviews to screen cases for merit and to develop their legal strategy. 

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— Updated on June 30, 2022

Find the transcript below:

What attorneys find most valuable is to be able to use us as a screening tool for the cases. On my first day here at Expert Institute, I remember an attorney saying that ‘I don’t make my year by my $1 million settlement that I managed to win. But I can lose my year if I dump $300,000 into a case, and it gets thrown out.’ So with that mindset, I realized that the value that we give is in being able to screen this case to figure out whether it’s worth the hours, the manpower, and the money that you’re going to put into it to take it all the way. That’s one way that I think [we help], and it’s a major thing. But there are other things as well.

Another thing I’ll bring up is they use [the Case Clinic] to help to develop their strategy and know the causation links. They want to be able to say [that] they know that there is a standard of care breach, but how do we link that to what happened to the patient? That’s what we help them figure out because we know the medicine, they know the law. They’ve been doing law longer than most of us have been doing medicine, so they know quite a bit, but they don’t know the intricacies and the fine details. Our job is to help them figure out what’s the best, what works, how these two things link, and then help them to move forward.

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