Paul Lee

Vice President, Regional Director of Strategic Accounts

Nine years ago as a fresh college graduate, Paul Lee, Vice President, Regional Director of Strategic Accounts, found a home at Expert Institute. He joined the sales team as a Sales Development Representative and has moved through the ranks at hyper-speed ever since.

On the team

9 years


B.A., Rutgers University



Bragging Rights

Top Sales Person 2019-2021

Favorite Food

Baked Wings


Orangetheory Fitness

What makes Expert Institute an exciting company to work for?

The company is constantly growing, so it’s exciting to see all the new changes. We’re doing some incredible things in the legal industry. We’re really bringing a novel approach to helping attorneys source expert witnesses for cases, and there’s a lot of demand for our services. But beyond helping to develop a really revolutionary product, my favorite part of being at Expert Institute is our great culture.

Can you describe the company culture?

We’re a motivated group of people with a laid-back, casual culture. We are a relatively small group and because of that, we are incredibly collaborative. Everyone is so cool, accommodating, and friendly. People are eager to jump in and help one another on whatever they may be working on. I love working with my peers across all teams because we all share the same goal. We approach everything with a team mentality: we win together or we lose together, and we’re always there to help one another grow professionally.

How have you grown as a professional at EI?

When I first joined the company about 9 years ago, I started as a Sales Development Representative. Our entire company was only about 8 people, and it was always all hands on deck. Back then, I worked the entire sales cycle start to finish. I did all the client research, cold calling, emailing, and I also got to travel and meet with our attorney clients. Having conversations with clients and getting exposure to all aspects of the sales process so early on in my career molded me into the sales professional that I am today.

In more recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to help the company grow to where it is by developing processes for our sales department. I really enjoy being able to implement effective sales methodology as well as mentor other folks on our team.

Can you describe the training and mentorship programs our sales team offers?

On a company-wide level, each year we have a Sales Summit hosted by our CEO, Michael Talve. The entire sales team from all three offices gets together to participate in training, revamp our techniques, and hone in on our priorities for the year. It really helps foster camaraderie and ensure that we are working towards the same goals.

In addition, when anyone joins our team, whether they be junior or more seasoned, our executives are eager to help them get their feet off the ground. We are no strangers to jumping into someone’s calls, reviewing emails, and strategizing how to approach new accounts. Seeing the team members I have mentored achieve their goals is just as rewarding as achieving my own.

And that goes the other way as well. Even though I’ve been here for 9 years, I still look for guidance from my managers. Even our CEO is open and willing to give his insight on anything I may need help on.

What are some of the benefits Expert Institute offers to its employees?

On a more basic level, we have great medical, dental, and vision coverage, plus a great 401k program. But beyond that, especially in sales, our Senior Vice President of Sales makes it fun to hit and exceed our goals with great incentives and spiffs. It’s a reward-driven culture, and people who do great work are recognized and rewarded for it here. We’re also still a relatively young company, so there’s a lot of room for people to grow their careers and professional skills here.

What kinds of people are successful here?

Hardworking, persistent, and driven people succeed here. Our employees are passionate about what they do and they come to work ready for a challenge. There’s so much opportunity here, so if you’re hungry for success and you bring a lot of energy to the table, you will thrive at Expert Institute.