[Video] How to Use Scientific Research to Clarify Surgical Standard of Care with Dr. Ricky Siddiqui

We spoke with Dr. Ricky Siddiqui, M.S., M.D., MPH Candidate on our medical team about the surgical standard of care and how Strategic Research can provide the answers attorneys are seeking.

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— Updated on June 23, 2022

Find the full transcript of his interview below

Another topic that an attorney had come to us with some questions on had to do with surgical hypothermia. [Surgical hypothermia is] the notion that, when you’re doing major cardiothoracic surgery, you basically cool the body of the patient in order to prevent certain types of cellular level damage. There is a gold standard, and there’s a way that this particular defendant surgeon had done it. The gold standard was to reduce the body temperature to a certain level. But this defendant surgeon didn’t reduce the temperature to what was thought to be a sufficiently low level. What ended up happening was the patient woke and realized that they were paraplegic.

So the attorney asked us ‘if this is the gold standard, and the surgeon did it in a certain other way, what justification did he have, if any? And can you point us to literature saying that the gold standard—deep hypothermia—is the way to achieve this and to minimize risks associated with this procedure?’ And once again, the attorney was able to get the answers that he was looking for and have those answers backed by current research on this topic.

If you’re an attorney who would like to request a Strategic Research document or just enter into a conversation with us, I say the best place to start is our website. There is a pathway to submit a formal request there or give me a call—my phone number is 646-362-4571. I can also be reached at [email protected]

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