Hospital Hit With $8M Verdict Over Botched Cesarean Section

A woman received an $8 million jury award after a negligent cesarean section led to two cardiac arrests and an emergency hysterectomy, finding Abington Memorial Hospital liable for malpractice.

Hospital Hit With $8M Verdict Over Botched Cesarean Section

ByErin O'Brien


Published on January 26, 2024

Hospital Hit With $8M Verdict Over Botched Cesarean Section

A jury has awarded $8 million to a woman who suffered two cardiac arrests and underwent an emergency hysterectomy after a negligent cesarean section resulted in two cardiac arrests and an emergency hysterectomy.

Abington Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania was found liable in the physician’s mishandling of the cesarian section that caused the double cardiac arrests and hysterectomy. The three-page verdict was announced by the plaintiff’s attorneys Elia Robertson and Lisa Dagostino of Kline & Specter PC.

The jury found that the care provided in 2013 by the obstetrician who delivered Laura Rongione's second baby fell below the standard of care and was malpractice.

The award included $5.5 million to Mrs. Rongione and her husband, Randy, for pain and suffering, and $2.5 million for loss of society, comfort, and companionship.

While the form identifies "100%" of the negligence to be on Dr. Kanli Jiang, the damages are levied against her employer, Abington Memorial Hospital, The hospital is represented by Benjamin A. Post and Chloë L. Mannings of Post & Post LLC.who did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to a statement delivered by Elia Robertson of Kline and Specter PC. "The jury made the correct decision based on compelling evidence and held Abington accountable for its substandard care,"

The complaint outlined the details of the negligent care and stated that Rongione was admitted into Abington Memorial when presenting in full-term labor with her second child in December of 2013. During the pushing phase of delivery, the baby's heart rate became irregular. Jiang then attempted to deliver the baby via a failed vacuum extraction following which the doctor ordered an immediate cesarean.

Dr. Jiang delivered the infant just before 5 am, however, the surgical incision was not closed for an hour and a half. The complaint alleged Jiang’s care fell below the standard of care with complications during the surgery. Specifically, despite a noted extension of the uterine incision, there was no evidence the surgeon ordered or inspected the uterine artery.

When the patient’s vitals collapsed 5 hours post-surgery, she suffered an asystolic cardiac arrest requiring chest compressions. A separate surgeon urgently performed a surgical re-opening of Rongione’s cesarian incision where nearly three liters of blood had accumulated in her abdomen. The patient’s uterine artery was clamped to control the hemorrhage but, according to the lawsuit, it became apparent that an emergency hysterectomy was necessary. The plaintiff subsequently suffered a second heart attack. The complaint named three other physicians as defendants, but the jury placed complete negligence on Jiang.

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