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Expert Institute’s 2022 Year in Review

Expert Institute

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— Updated on January 10, 2023


2022 was a year of exciting growth and incredible success for Expert Institute. From innovative new product launches powered by our cloud-based platform Expert iQ to the expansion of our extraordinary team, Expert Institute remained committed to ensuring attorneys have the world-class experts, unparalleled intelligence, and cutting-edge technology they need to win more cases and grow their firms.

We’re grateful to partner with and support so many impressive attorneys and firms as they fight for justice on behalf of their clients. Thank you to all who have helped us create a world-class software solution for the entire legal community. 2023 is set to be another remarkable year and we can’t wait to share the innovative and compelling new features we’re working on. But first, let’s take a look back at the year that was and the milestones that made 2022 our best year yet!

Expert Radar expands with Litigation Analytics

Early in 2022, we added Litigation Analytics to our groundbreaking expert due diligence solution, Expert Radar. This unique toolset can be found in every Expert Radar profile and gives you access to an expert’s complete litigation history including which party hired or retained them, the grounds and outcome of every Daubert challenge, and the results of all prior cases. With Expert Radar, you can identify expert vulnerabilities, capitalize on compromising data, and get 24/7 alerts anytime new information surfaces.

Learn more about Expert Radar and the AI-powered analytics that will enhance your expert due diligence and give you a winning edge.

Rapidly summarize thousands of pages of medical records with Medical Chronologies

Medical Chronologies is our revolutionary new product that uses AI to summarize thousands of pages of medical records into a smart, digitized, and searchable summary with links to the original documents. Just send us your records and in a matter of days, you’ll receive a simplified report that contextualizes all medical terms and the relationship between entities such as family history, negated conditions, and more. Best of all, every condition, drug, date, and entry is clickable, redirecting you to the source of information in the records. You can also filter data by prognosis, work capacity, restrictions, limitations, and more.

Learn more about Medical Chronologies and summarize your records today!

The Fastest Growing Transcript Network

Another exciting launch of 2022 was our Transcript Network, a hub for expert deposition and trial transcripts exclusively for plaintiff firms in Expert iQ. Attorneys can discover deposition and trial transcripts, expert CVs, reports, affidavits, court filings, and more. You can also organize all your existing transcripts in one secure place and collaborate with colleagues to share case research. Best of all, with our give-to-get model, attorneys can upload their old transcripts to earn credits that can be used to source new transcripts, all at no cost.

Explore the Transcript Network in Expert iQ and start the new year off by uploading your transcripts to start earning credits now!

Research Guides and New Research Library Accelerate Case Preparation

In 2022 we launched a new offering called Research Guides, giving attorneys access to the latest scientific literature and medico-legal research on any medical procedure, injury, drug, or device. These thoroughly-cited reports outline causal links and relevant risk factors and identify any existing counterarguments. We also launched our Research Library, a repository of thousands of Research Guides covering the most litigated personal injury, med-mal, and mass tort topics. Attorneys can browse the complete Research Library and sort by practice area or medical specialty to find the topic they’re looking for.

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Expert Institute - 2022 year in review

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