Expert Institute Ranks #1 in National Law Journal Best Of 2023 Awards

Leading legal technology company takes top honors in the Litigation Support category earning Best Of awards for a 6th year.

Expert Institute Ranks #1 in National Law Journal Best Of 2023 Awards

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Published on April 13, 2023


Updated onApril 13, 2023

Expert Institute Ranks #1 in National Law Journal Best Of 2023 Awards

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – April 13, 2023

Expert Institute, a market-leading legal technology company providing expert legal services and software, is proud to announce that The National Law Journal has awarded Expert Institute three Best Of 2023 awards in the Litigation Support category. Expert Institute was named the #1 Expert Witness Provider, #1 in Accident Reconstruction, and #1 in Forensic Experts. This is the sixth year Expert Institute has been recognized as a Best Of award winner by The National Law Journal.

“We are thrilled to be honored by The National Law Journal as a Best Of 2023 award winner and proud to again be named a top company in the Litigation Support category,” said Michael Talve, CEO and Managing Director of Expert Institute. “While our business has expanded significantly since its inception over 10 years ago, our consistent recognition in this area demonstrates our continued commitment to providing world-class experts and unparalleled intelligence to our clients and partners.”

In addition to their award-winning services, Expert Institute also offers cutting-edge legal technology solutions including Expert Radar, a due diligence tool providing critical data on any expert, and Medical Chronologies, AI-generated medical record summaries. These innovative legal tech tools and the essential insights they provide offer a tremendous advantage to any attorney working with expert witnesses.

All of these solutions, along with Expert Institute’s services such as Expert Search, Medical Record Reviews, and Research Guides, can be accessed through Expert iQ, a cloud-based case management and expert consulting platform that helps streamline the litigation process.

“We’d like to thank all of those who took the time to participate and vote for Expert Institute in The National Law Journal Best Of 2023 Awards,” said Bill Sherman, President of Expert Institute. “We greatly appreciate the support and recognition of our clients and industry peers.”

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