Expert Institute kicks off 2020 with a sleek rebrand

Expert Institute

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— Updated on June 25, 2020

Expert Institute kicks off 2020 with a sleek rebrand

Welcome to the new Expert Institute

Driven by data, powered by expertise


Why we rebranded

Expert Institute has grown exponentially since our founding in 2011. Although we’ve invested significantly in refining our products and services, we realized that our image no longer reflected the innovation and level of insight we bring to the legal industry.

In deciding to rebrand, our goals were simple: to give ourselves a powerful visual identity that matches the quality of our services, to create a user-friendly website that mimics the ease and simplicity of our client experience, and to demonstrate our leadership in data-driven consulting.

Who we are today

Our new look embraces the intersections that make Expert Institute an innovative company—namely, our unique blend of technology and consulting services, data products and human insights. As our offerings evolve to support an array of clients and applications, our mission remains clear: to empower firms with the world’s leading expertise.

We’ve kept our dedication to partnership at the forefront, applying the same clarity, diligence, and creativity with which we serve both our clients and our experts to our new brand. Staying true to our future-forward mindset, we’ve crafted visual assets with the energy necessary to drive smarter decisions and build stronger firms.

Here’s what changed

Our name

In line with our commitment to efficiency, we began by dropping “The” from our company name. “Expert Institute” takes on a new sleekness while remaining recognizable within the legal industry.

Our refined logo is sharp and bold but grounded in tradition. We’ve matured our powerful double diamond shape, anchoring it with purposeful placement and pixel-perfect angles.

Expert Institute rebrand 2020

Our colors

When searching for new colors, we considered the temperatures of the legal, tech, and consulting industries. Our primary brand blue is visually disruptive, pushing the envelope and driving our tech-forward approach. Accents in green highlight our fresh perspective and novel approaches. Gold and deep blues convey an underlying feeling of law and esteem, grounding us as an established and trustworthy service.

Expert Institute rebrand 2020

Our typography

Our primary typeface, Stanley, nods to the flexibility of our custom recruiting process. Stanley employs bold, graphic serifs reflective of hand-chiseled marks. The font is designed for use in both the digital and print spaces, with responsive functionality built into the digital version.

Our secondary typeface, Ginto, is a geometric and humanistic font. Its avant-garde strokes combine mathematical components with the human touch of a handwritten letter, referencing one of the core intersections of our brand—data and human.

Our look

Our visual identity is bold, bright, and pointed, drawing the same strong, unconventional connections that drive our business. Angles and curves create a dynamic experience and speak to our history of cutting through traditions. White and negative spaces echo our commitment to transparency. Human-centric photography contrasts with animated representations of user-interface, speaking to our consultative services and software products.

Expert Institute rebrand 2020

I’m proud of the brand we’ve become. This new identity is a step into the future for the company. We’re starting off a new decade with an engaging and polished look that matches the high level of service we’ve always provided our clients.

— Michael Talve, CEO and Managing Director

Expert Institute rebrand 2020

Extremely proud to be part of this world-class organization and thrilled to see it successfully launch a bold new brand identity, one that reflects, and embraces, our mission to empower firms with the world’s leading expertise.

— Bill Sherman, President


Expert Institute rebrand 2020

I’m honored to be part of an organization that continues to operate at the forefront of an industry. Our new brand identity captures the innovative, and forward-looking vision we’ve always embodied as a company.

— Michael Morgenstern, SVP of Marketing


Expert Institute rebrand 2020

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