Listen to Expert Institute on the Elawvate Podcast

Elawvate, a podcast for trial attorneys, featured Expert Institute on a recent episode. Listen now on your favorite podcast platform. 

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— Updated on June 2, 2022

Listen to Expert Institute on the Elawvate Podcast

Last month, Expert Institute’s Neal Nemeroff, John Demler, and Michael Morgenstern joined hosts Benjamin Gideon and Rahul Ravipudi on their podcast, Elawvate.

On Elawvate, Gideon and Ravipudi, along with their guests, discuss the skills, strategic thinking, business savvy, and other tools that trial lawyers need in order to succeed and build a successful law firm. Gideon and Ravipudi are both experienced trial attorneys and partners at their respective firms. Expert Institute is a proud sponsor of the Elawvate podcast.

This special bonus episode featured leaders from Expert Institute’s technology, content, and marketing teams discussing Expert Radar, our unique expert due diligence solution.

With Expert Radar, attorneys can access the most comprehensive profiles on retained or opposing experts with our AI-powered expert vetting solution. Expert Radar also gives trial attorneys a winning edge in the courtroom with extensive background data and real-time intelligence on opposing experts.

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Elawvate podcast host

Elawvate podcast host

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